Kolkata – The City of Joy :: India Days 3 & 4
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It’s Friday now. We’ve been here for exactly 6 days and in so many ways we feel like we’ve already been here for a lifetime. The accommodations that was uncomfortable to us in the beginning is now a comfort to come home to. What startled us as we walk down the street, is now expected. We once felt lost at every turn, now we’ve found our way.

The last 4 days has been awakening for me. We have been going into the heart of the red light district of Calcutta and observing the way amazing men and women have given their lives to give freedom to those who are trapped in the sex trade.

I have been given the rare privilege of photographing some of these women. The amount of images are overwhelming, so I hope to share it with you in a few days. Please stay tuned. For now, enjoy a few more stories off of the streets.