Sourcing for Ellie Fun Day :: India Day 5
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India has such a rich story to tell. I’m so glad that many have enjoyed the images I’ve posted so far from this trip; a trip we affectionately named the Possibilities Project. From this point on, I will be sharing with you the key reason of why we’re all in India. I’m here to tell the story of Ellie Fun Day as they begin their journey to do as SariBari and Freeset have done. They are a social enterprise who will be aiming to provide the marginalized women of the lowest caste of India with gainful employment while providing an outstanding product that is uniquely designed and impeccably made.

On our Day 5 we made our first of many visits to cotton mills. One of the most important tasks on this trip is to find reliable and quality sources for Ellie Fun Day’s materials. I’ve learned so much about organic cottons and the process of manufacturing textiles. We went from seeing cotton in the rawest form, then being spun, woven, dyed, screen printed, and then eventually sewn together into the products we see in high end boutiques. I was giddy seeing the names of some labels I love and recognize. Next up with be the last of my images from Calcutta as we depart from there and head south to meet with the women of Trivandrum who will be hand making Ellie Fun Day‘s blankets. Stay tuned!