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  • 04-fabric-spools
  • 05-preparing-for-training
  • 06-dalit-women
  • 07-sarah-training-women
  • 08-sewing-lessons
  • 09-threading-needle
  • 10-hand-stitching
  • 11-finished-product
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  • 14-training-on-sewing-machine
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  • 16-mentorship
  • 17-prayer
  • 18-women-talking
  • 19-greeting
  • 21-sarah-elton-with-kids
  • 22-women-going-for-a-walk
  • 23-woman-and-her-laundry
  • 24-dalit-family
  • 25-goat-grazing
  • 26-mother-and-her-kids
  • 27-mother-village-living
  • 28-woman-gathering-water
  • 29-dalit-boy
  • 30-girls-holding-hands
  • 31-dalit-girl-bringing-dinner
  • 32-baby-boy
  • 33-dalit-children
  • 34-dalit-woman-house
  • 35-residence
  • 36-power-outage
Returning to India
/ Ellie Fun Day

A little over a year ago I took my first journey to India with Ellie Fun Day (a social enterprise who makes beautiful baby blankets). That first trip was one of discovery and learning. For Ellie Fun Day discovery meant finding local sources, meeting the women whom they will potentially employ for the first time, and taking the first steps in making their dreams of helping the marginalize women of the Dalit caste a reality. For me, it was an eye opening experience that gave me a better understanding of the rich culture of India. More specifically I sensed the stories of women who have lost their own voices reached out to be told.

In less than a week, I will be hopping back on a plane with Ellie Fun Day to return to India. This time  I have more specific stories to tell. Ellie Fun Day will be beginning their training in their sewing center.  I will also be working with other organizations such as Freeset and SariBari in Kolkata to tell stories of hope and freedom for the women breaking free of human trafficking.

This gallery is a collection of images taken in Kerala (in the Southern tip of India) in 2011. Sarah Lin from Ellie Fun Day was assessing the sewing skills of the women preparing them for their sewing center. These women are all at risk for sex trafficking and other terrible fates. Ellie Fun Day hopes to employ them with a fair wage to give them a dignifying way of providing for their families.

Please stay tuned for many more stories to come on this 2013 India trip! To support, please buy a print at Prints For Freedom.